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One person arrested ahead of pro-Palestinian demonstration in London

One person has been arrested in the lead-up to a pro-Palestinian march in central London.

The arrest was made on suspicion of support for a proscribed organisation in relation to a placard ahead of the start of the march, the Met Police said.

Between 200,000 and 250,000 people are expected to gather for the demonstration in central London, a spokesperson for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign said. It is set to begin at 1.30pm.

Around 1,500 police officers from forces across the UK are on the streets of London, with the protesters going along Park Lane, Knightsbridge and Kensington Road, then ending at the junction with Kensington Court, where speeches will be made.

According to the Campaign Against Antisemitism, organisers advertised a start time of 12.30pm, but Met Police said a start time of 1.30pm would allow time for a synagogue event to finish.

Speakers will address crowds near the Israeli embassy and they must stop by 5pm, while protesters must leave by 6pm, police said.

The Met said “there will be some who ask why” a decision to allow the protest so close to the embassy was allowed but that it is a “common misconception” that forces can allow or refuse permission for a protest to take place.

There must be “a real risk of serious disorder” sufficient for the Met to request that the Home Secretary ban the protest, which the Met said was not expected on Saturday.

A number of restrictions will be implemented by police during the protest, however.

Protesters will be kept more than 100m away from the embassy grounds, behind barriers controlled by officers, and face arrest if they do not do so.

Precautions have also been taken to ensure the presence of protesters does not unnecessarily disrupt other sensitive premises, including synagogues, either near the start or along the route.

Police have also said no gazebos or other stalls can be erected in a specified area at Marble Arch and that anyone participating in the march must not deviate from the route.

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