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Cows or solar? The lucrative future for farmland

Solar farms in the UK only account for 0.1% of land – that’s less than that of golf courses. But, as the government aims to meet its clean energy targets, more agricultural land is being lost to solar panels.

On this episode of ClimateCast, Tom Heap visits farmer Andrew Dakin, whose family have farmed the same land for 94 years, but now, his landlord is selling up to make room for a solar farm.

Tom speaks to Andrew about how not just his job but his livelihood is at risk – and Georgia, who grew up nearby and has launched a community campaign to help save the farm.

Plus, Chris Hewitt – Solar Energy UK’s chief executive – explains how solar farms are a necessary part of the energy transition and how agriculture will be at risk of climate change without urgent action, including more solar energy.

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Producers: Emma Rae Woodhouse and Gemma Watson

Assistant Producer: Iona Brunker

Editor: Paul Stanworth

Sky News Source