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Clarke outweighs Wardley as Marku & Kongo are pulled apart after clash

Fabio Wardley and Frazer Clarke have taken to the scales ahead of their British and Commonwealth title fight on Sunday, live on Sky Sports.

Wardley and Clarke headline a big bill at The O2 arena in London with two titles and their heavyweight pride on the line.

At the weigh-in, Clarke was the bigger man by 23lbs, 19st to the champion’s 17st 5lbs.

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Boxing journalist John Dennen told Andy Scott that Wardley and Clarke carry real power and will have explosive moments on Sunday night

That, though, is the lightest Clarke has been since his professional debut, a hint at his application ahead of this fight.

In their head-to-head Clarke glared at his opponent while Wardley gazed levelly back before looking out to the assembled crowd.

“The weight is irrelevant and I’ve done my job and I’m ready to go,” Clarke said. “I know what’s coming.

“I’m going to knock him out and then I’m going to laugh at his team.”

Wardley chuckled: “He’s paying too much attention to everything around him. I’m not fussed about him.”

In his view: “There’s thinking moments and there’s heart moments and who’s really got it in him and we’re going to find out on Sunday.

“You’re going to get an action-packed fight. And I’m always going for that big knockout.”

For his intense grudge match with Florian Marku, Chris Kongo weighed 10st 6lbs 5oz. ‘Albanian King’ Marku was 10st 6lbs.

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Florian Marku squared up to Chris Kongo in a fighting stance and tried to intimidate him at the press conference head-to-head

The two fighters had to be prised apart by security.

“My message is to all opponents who disrespect me, they are going to pay,” Marku roared. “He is going to pay.

“This guy tomorrow, he’s going to be shaking because he’s a coward. I’m going to show tomorrow who I am.”

Kongo composed himself quickly. “We got him,” he said. “Nobody is going to save him tomorrow.

“When I knock him down, he won’t survive. Let’s go.”

He shrugged off Marku’s vociferous support, saying: “Crowds don’t win fights. Fighters win fights and I’m a real fighter. He’s not.”

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Viddal Riley told Mikael Lawal that he has faced bigger punchers and won’t be running scared on Sunday night

Viddal Riley takes on Mikael Lawal in a high-stakes English cruiserweight title fight. Both made the weight, Lawal 14st 2lbs and Riley five ounces heavier.

“I’m going to come for him and I’m going to knock him out,” a highly-motivated Lawal said.

Riley shrugged off that claim. “He has to feel that way,” the champion said. “Tomorrow we show what we can do to bullies.

“I’m an elite athlete and an elite boxer.”

Ben Whittaker packed his lean frame into 12st 9lbs. His opponent Leon Willings, who has won a Central Area title (not on the line in this fight) and has only lost once in his career, was five ounces heavier.

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Security had to restrain Nigerian contender Ezra Arenyeka who stormed towards the stage to challenge Ben Whittaker

After a long face-off, they exchanged words. “Ben’s a big character, but I’m just going with the flow, ready for tomorrow,” Willings said. “It’s a big moment, a huge moment, I’m ready to go.”

Whittaker is now renowned for his showboating. But he suggested “surgery” could be in the offing for Willings. “Maybe I just go out there and really just break him down,” he said.

His prediction: “Another beatdown, that’s what it is.”

Callum Simpson (11st 13lbs) hopes to continue his super-middleweight rise against Dulla Mbabe (12st 1lbs).

He will hope to capture some of the limelight at The O2 on Sunday.

“I want to get in there and get rid of him,” Simpson said. “This fight I want to show that I’m explosive, I’ve got that power.”

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Alen Babic reacted furiously when Steve Robinson challenged him at the press conference and vowed to end his career

Steve Robinson (17st 1lbs) looked down on Alen Babic (15st 7lbs 5oz) when they went nose to nose for a stony face-off ahead of their heavyweight contest that will open the show on Sunday.

“I will give him everything he wants,” Babic warned. “I’m going to steal the show and I plan to do just that.”

“It’s chaos,” Robinson reckoned of their fight. “What matters is you’ve got two people in the centre of the ring and he’s getting knocked out.

“First round!”

Don’t miss Wardley vs Clarke this Sunday live on Sky Sports.

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