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Breakout star of Willy Wonka-inspired event snapped up to scare children at famous visitor attraction

The breakout star of the infamous Willy Wonka-inspired event in Glasgow has announced she will be scaring children at London Dungeon this Easter.

Glasgow teenager Felicia, 16, made headlines for her performance as The Unknown, an evil rival chocolate-maker that lived in the walls of the factory.

Dressed in a black cape and silver face mask, terrified children were recorded wailing “no” in fear when she slipped out from behind a mirror.

The teen will now put that experience to good use with a guest appearance at London Dungeon on 7 April.

Felicia said: “I’m a huge fan of The Dungeons across the UK. I’ve visited many times as a guest, and I can’t quite believe I now get to be the one who’s scaring the public.

“Who would have thought my wild Wonka experience would have led me to this.

“I’m hoping my recent scare experience will have set me up well for this role – and I cannot wait to meet and learn from the expert team at the London Dungeon as I’d love to be doing their job full-time one day.

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“London here I come.”

Felicia, The Unknown. Pic: London Dungeon/Felicia announcement video
Image: The Unknown. Pic: London Dungeon/Felicia announcement video
Felicia, The Unknown. Pic: London Dungeon/Felicia announcement video
Image: Felicia unmasked. Pic: London Dungeon/Felicia announcement video

Willy’s Chocolate Experience was brought to a halt on its opening day as parents demanded their money back amid complaints the event was not what was advertised and left some children in tears.

The £35-a-ticket experience at Box Hub was sold as a “chocolate fantasy like never before” where “dreams become reality”.

Instead, families were met with a near-empty venue decorated with a handful of Wonka-themed props and a small bouncy castle.

Willy's Chocolate Experience. Pic: Stuart Sinclair
Image: Pic: Stuart Sinclair
Willy's Chocolate Experience. Pic: Jack Proctor
Image: The quarter cups of juice. Pic: Jack Proctor

Parents also told of how their children only received a couple of sweets and a quarter of a can of limeade.

Jack Proctor, from Coatbridge in North Lanarkshire, said his family “survived the legend that was Willy’s Chocolate Experience”.

Speaking of The Unknown, Mr Proctor told Sky News: “Our kids, like every kid in the place, were terrified of it.

“It was supposedly an evil chocolate-maker that lived in the walls of the factory. Out of context it was weird, but nothing in there made sense, so it fit in well.”

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Glaswegian teenager Felicia took to TikTok to reveal her identity after her role in the experience went viral

Willy's Chocolate Experience. Pic: Janine Yardley
Image: Seven-year-old Elliot dressed up as an Oompa Loompa. Pic: Janine Yardley

Glasgow mum Maryanne McCormack said her daughter retreated and hid in her jacket to get away from The Unknown.

She added: “Some of the other kids were upset. It was just very odd because I couldn’t figure out the relevance.”

Performers at the event described it as a place “where dreams went to die” and said the scripts had been AI-generated.

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Wonka actor reveals behind-the-scenes ‘bonkers’ experience

London Dungeon said Felicia will be “trained up by the best in the business in the art of scare and immersive theatre acting”.

She will then take to the depths of the dungeon to perform for the visitors and fans.

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A London Dungeon spokesperson said: “Clearly Felicia is a natural when it comes to the art of the scare.

“It’s an honour to be joined by the acting talent behind the now cult character The Unknown – and we can’t wait to see what she’ll bring to our horribly scary historical figures.

“If you think the mysterious character of The Unknown was unnerving, you haven’t seen anything yet.

“While we can’t say there will be any mirrors involved in Felicia’s training and guest appearance this Easter, what we can promise is there won’t be an AI script or advert in sight.

“The team can’t wait to welcome her to their ranks.”

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